JK Fuuzoku Gakuensai – Episode 2 (Eng Subbed)

In JK Fuuzoku Gakuensai episode 2, the male hero has dived deep into another woman as the second episode features some moist sukumizu sensations followed by a sweet girl in a gym uniform, concluding on a “rematch” with a girl who had a shorter scene in the first episode. << Download JK Fuuzoku Gakuensai – Episode 2 here << Watch JK Fuuzoku Gakuensai – Episode 1 here   The lewd events that take place in the bright and fun atmosphere of a school festival continue. The remaining two premium cards that can receive special services I wanted to use them carefully, but I was invited by two busty beautiful girls, Madoka-chan, volleyball coach, and Ayana-chan, who is in charge of experience guidance for aqua fitness. Will be handed over …!   A sanctuary that you would never normally step into. However, thanks to getting “5 premium cards” from a certain gal at a high price, Mihiro-chan , who is in charge of customer service at a coffee shop, is in charge of scaring Marina-chan , and Sayuki-chan is special from three big-breasted beautiful girls at once in the library. I was able to get a good service …!
JK Fuuzoku Gakuensai – Episode 2 staff
Original: Yorokobi no Kuni “JK Fuzoku School Festival” / Planning: Banii Woo ~ ka ~ / Character Draft: JOY RIDE / Director: Thunderfire Sword / Picture Conte: Sagari Glasses / Screenplay: Special Zone 03 / Production: T- REX JK Fuuzoku Gakuensai - Episode 2 (Eng Subbed) - HentaiSpark (2)